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 BBQ Smokers
Stainless Steel Sniper BBQ Smoker

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This is truly the ultimate bbq pit! The Solid Stainless Steel "Sniper" model BBQ Smoker! We call this the "Legacy Pit", because this is a BBQ Pit that will be in the family for generations. With solid 304 stainless steel supreme construction throughout, this pit will stand the test the time like no other. Our saying with this pit is, "One life, One Pit", a pit for life.

Here at Pitmaker we have worked to solve several traditional problems seen on offset firebox BBQ Pit Smokers, starting with smoke-and heat leakage on both "pipe pit" style lids and roll-top style lids. As bbq cooks ourselves, we know how frustrating it can be to maintain temperature in your wood smoking bbq pit.

And our answer? We developed our Smoke-Lock Technology (TM), with its high-temperature gasket, double-walled, stainless steel, insulated cooking chamber doors, and stainless latch clamp system. This system seals the heat and smoke into your Pitmaker BBQ Pit giving you the ultimate in Smoker BBQ Pit temperature control and maintenance free cooking! Smoke Your Target! (TM) - with the Sniper!

Take a closer look at this remarkable BBQ Smoker Pit, by clicking on the video below:

*Sniper Smoker Pit Specifications:

*24" x 48" Main Cooking Chamber with 3 Cooking Grates - Dimensions Below:

(2) - 23" x 46" Grates, and (1) - 20" x 46" Grate = 3012 Sq. Inches of Cooking Grate Space!

*Upright Smoker Box with 3 Cooking Grates - Dimensions Below:

(3) -14" x 21" Grates = 882 Sq. Inches of Cooking Grate Space

This gives the Sniper Smoker BBQ Pit a grand total of: 3894 Sq Inches of Cooking Grate Space!

*Standard PM-48 Sniper Features:

-Slide-Out Cooking Grates
-Slide-Out Firegrate
-1-1/4" Ball Valve Drain for Easy Cleanup
-Stainless Steel Log-Lighter Burner
-Adjustable Stainless Steel Smoke Stack Cap
-Stainless Steel Flex Line Propane Hose
-Heavy Duty Propane Regulator with easy to use Industrial Western Bottle Connector for extra safety
-Solid 3/16" Thick Steel on the Cooking Chamber
-Full 304 Stainless Steel Construction
-Stainless Steel Air-Cooled Spring Handles - Cool to Touch
-Built-In Water Reservoir
-Double-Walled Insulated Main Cooking Chamber Doors w/ High-Temp Gasket for Retaining Temperature and Smoke.
-Heavy Duty 4-1/2" and 10" Solid Rubber Casters with Lubricating Points for Easy Moving across all terrains.

*Price is for standard model. Pit shown in photo gallery has option of Grill Top Firebox.

*Pricing for Standard PM-48 Sniper Options:

-Flip Up Direct Grill Top Above Firebox - $250
-Solid Stainless Steel Firebox - $950.00
-20" x 22" Fold-Up, Stainless Steel Food Prep Table. - $150.00

*PM-48-Long-SS Priced as seen, including below options:

-Firebox Grill-Top
-Solid Stainless Steel Construction
-20" x 22" Fold-Up, Stainless Steel Food Prep Table.

*Please feel free to call or email for quotes on custom options, such as making mirror image pit with firebox on the left side, or custom sizes.

*We can also adapt the PM-48 SS to be made out of solid stainless steel and built into an outdoor kitchen. Please feel free to call or email for quotes on custom options.

You can click on the trailer section to see videos and pictures of this smoker in action mounted on one of our BBQ Trailers!
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